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About us

Core philosophies

3F Asset Management’s singular purpose is to seek opportunities that have the capacity to generate superior returns from assets and companies that align with our investors return profiles.

Value Creation in Growth Markets

We are focused on the high-growth markets in South and Southeast Asia. Our deep understanding of these markets provides us with unique market insights and value creation opportunities.

Strategic Investment Horizons

We aim to optimize “timeframe arbitrage” in our willingness to be true contrarian investors. We seek opportunities throughout the market cycle with a time horizon that best matches the investment.

Strategic Advice

Our Board, Management team and Advisory Committee bring in-depth knowledge of industry and market opportunities and challenges which enable us to capture the full potential of an investment.

True Alignment

Our philosophy is built on the foundation that the Shareholders and Management of the firm should be fully aligned with the long-term interests of our investors. In this regard, our team is fully committed to co-invest in opportunities.